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    Craig “CeeJay” Thomas Jr.CEO/FOUNDER

    CeeJay is a current student at St. Johns University studying Business Marketing with a concentration in Business Analytics. CeeJay is currently in his last year of undergraduate studies and set to graduate in 2023 with his Masters of Business Administration in Marketing.

    Growing up playing high school basketball in Maryland’s infamous Prince George’s County, Ceejay has been exposed to high-level sports and athletes his whole life. He has trained with and competed against the best the whole DC/Maryland/Virginia has to offer and remains in close contact with majority of the athletes he has come across. While playing, Ceejay’s love for the game drove him to explore the business side of it, where he found his communication, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills extremely useful. With close ties to players and executives around the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, Ceejay spends countless hours studying film and monitoring training routines of his peers, so he understands what it takes to get to and shine at the highest levels.

    Ceejay’s marketing education and individual research have put him in positions to effectively come up with and integrate marketing strategies. His upbringing has equipt him with an understanding of how athletes think, making it easier to relate to just about any athlete he may encounter. Ceejay is well respected for his loyalty, work ethic, diligence, and confident aura that demands the attention of everyone in any room he may walk into.